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Meet the Radiology Team

A radiologist is a veterinarian who has undergone extensive clinical training (usually 3-4 years) in a university hospital environment as a clinical assistant or resident under the guidance of experienced academic radiologists. This training covers all species, including exotic and bird species, and all aspects of diagnostic imaging. This includes radiology, diagnostic ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography and nuclear medicine. On completion of the qualifying examinations the radiologist is registered as a specialist with the South African Veterinary Council and may also become a board-certified diplomat in other countries and as such may also practice in those countries.


Meet the Medicine Team

A small animal medicine specialist is a veterinarian who has completed advanced training in internal medicine (including an internship and residency program normally comprising 3-4 years) following graduation from their veterinary university. The residency training culminates with comprehensive examinations covering all aspects of Veterinary Small Animal Medicine. Once these requirements have been fulfilled, the veterinarian is registered as a specialist with the South African Veterinary Council. The umbrella of Small Animal Internal Medicine includes the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of many organ systems including the hepatic, cardiac, renal, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine, neurology and respiratory systems. To obtain an accurate diagnosis, additional and specialised diagnostic testing is often utilised, such as blood chemistries, ultrasound, CT and MRI scans, biopsies and endoscopy.

Meet the Managing Team

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