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About Us


About Pretoria Pet MRI

We are the first dedicated small animal MRI unit in private practice outside of academia in Pretoria, and only the second in South Africa. 

There has long been a growing need for advanced imaging such as MRI for companion animals to be performed in the safety of a veterinary hospital, with support staff and facilities on site to improve the standard of care for your pet. 


Our directors are all veterinarians or veterinary specialists, including a veterinary radiologist.   

About our facilities

Esaote Vet-MR Grande
Low Field_edited.jpg

Vet-MR Grande is an innovative vet MRI specifically designed with the collaboration of veterinary doctors to create an efficient solution for both large and small animal client demographics. It has been purposely designed for veterinary applications with veterinary software, terminology and image orientation.


The system provides a wide range of pre-programmed protocols that have been optimised for veterinary requirements. It also offers the possibility to create customised protocols, according to specific clinical needs.

It uses open, permanent magnet technology using a 0.25 Tesla field.

In addition, we have access to an onsite 16-slice Helical CT scanner, a full x-ray suite and ultrasound machine, in cases where additional diagnostics may be required. 

Having the MRI unit within a large veterinary hospital, also ensures the safety of your patient, with qualified veterinary and nursing staff on site to assist where needed.

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